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Who Is SkidMatiK

My government name is Jeff Williams, but when I’m crafting beats I transform into Skidmatik. I been making beats for about 8 years. I am a beat maker/producer who’s sound is deeply rooted in the “golden era” of Hip Hop. I’m talking about the years from 1988 until 1997. 

The sounds that I blend with samples that I chop gives me a unique sound that stands above the average “boom bap” beat making producer. My musical influence I contribute that to my father because he was the first to introduce me to music only because he owned so many albums from classic musicians. I used to just spin albums, listening and learning as a kid. 

From 2004 till 2010, I was a member of The Solid Union, a Hip Hop group based out Raleigh, NC. I was more of a lyricist/producer for the group more so than a beat maker. During that time I was just messing around with beats at home as something therapeutic to ease my anxiety from PTSD that I acquired from combat in Operation Desert Storm. 

In 2008 I sent a beat to an artist from Ft. Lauderdale named Travis Williams. The finished product was a song titled “Walk with me”. It is the lead off track on Trav Williams “The Trickle Down” Lp. I contributed to three of Travis Williams Lp’s in all. “The Trickle Down”, “illTravis”, and “P.O.E” (Preponderance of Evidence), and 2013 release. 

In 2014, while working as a security guard at the NC MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCES I was approached by fellow employee and now label mate Eban Crawford a.k.a “Senator Jaiz” from REACHING FOR LUCIDITY Records. The rest is now!

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